Are Teenagers the Dumbest Generation Ever? Essay examples

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Paradoxically, the only thing that is truly constant is the concept of change. This notion generally tends to apply itself to every possible idea, whether tangible or abstract, and continuously evokes the question of whose moral standpoint, whether based on intellect, or on intuition, is truly correct. Similarly, it is clear that in today’s era time’s law of change has created a schism between two generations with polar personal influences, ideologies, foundations for principles, and moral standpoints so substantial that it induces controversy, and a sense of apprehension as one tries to compensate for the misdemeanors of the other. A schism of such magnitude between two generations forced to live together has inevitably brought about the …show more content…
The popularity of such media would not have risen to such a point of celebration and idolatry if it did not have a supporting base to catapult it to such extremities. The logical conclusion leads one to assume that, if the popular culture delineates a lack of ideals and does not accurately display “useful” subjects, then perhaps the audience for which it is intended possesses the same regard for inane media, and a disregard for more functional and beneficial knowledge of the society of which they are a part. The popular media of previous generations did not include vapid concepts such as “reality television” or “gameshows”, but rather the cultural media that, to this day, remains a classic reminder of “better” days. The discussion of the topic of reading for pleasure is also discussed, and, yet again, there is an uneasy conclusion that must be faced, as Cheryl Wetzstein says in her article, “As a lifelong, insatiable reader, I share Mr. Bauerlein’s alarm about the peculiar reading habits of American youth. I also share his concern that the next generation doesn’t seem to value having a ‘contemplative mind.’” The continuous rise in lack of reading for pleasure is intimidating. It raises a pressing question: how can the source of entertainment for over thousands of years suddenly be regarded with such disdain and disapproval from the generation that seems to need it the

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