Essay on Are School Uniforms Cure Violence And Gang Prone Violence?

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To thy self and our conformity,Do or day or establish fac-i-s-m for---the-- United States- of--, America. Fascism beside the topic of conformity is just as nationally brought up, as the constitution song is sung by elementary youth. The tradition of it is precisely what makes an ideal stick today, and what millions of students are singing out against in the School Uniforms topic. The opposings say school uniforms cure violence and gang prone violence, prevents in-school bullying, and equalizes students, however there has been little evidence that they provide those or any benefits at all. I on the other hand strongly believe school uniforms may increase violent attacks, increase school bullying, and provide more segregation and inequality of student bodies. In addition, school uniforms are the first step to accepting fascism, promoting conformity over individuality, and stripping a student of their constitutional rights. Color me Conformed.

School Uniforms can provide a false sense of safety and assurance. It 's easy to fall under the impression that by everyone looking the same we can eliminate violence, particularly gang prone violence ,therefore providing a safer environment. However, uniforms can actually encourage gang behavior with all the other closely related security problems. They give students the idea that actions such as; violence and theft are tolerated if directed towards those who don’t in fact have the same uniforms. Crime is, has always been, and always…

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