The Importance Of American Exceptionalism In America

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“The role of education is to teach students about the unique and exceptional historical events that made the United States of America the greatest nation humanity has ever seen.” This statement, although many would like to believe in it, is a lie. For centuries Americans have declared the United States “the greatest nation in the world,” “leader of the free world,” a place of “life, liberty, and happiness,” a place where anyone could achieve the “American dream.” This mindset, is the belief of American Exceptionalism, a dangerous myth that allows many Americans to ignore evidence that America is not the virtuous nation who respects all human rights or law or peace in history or contemporary America. Although many may not believe in the harm …show more content…
Notinalism turns into a cuprit of racism and homophobia as these are things in the changeing world and not of the “ole’ America”
Their contents are muddled by the conflicting desires to promote inquiry and indoctrinate blind patriotism. "Take a look in your history book, and you 'll see why we should be proud," flag may mean something else to other people.

Within the novel Lies my Teacher Told Me, Author James Loewen goes in depth and seriousness over the “suger-coating” and fabrication within AMerican history books to ths day. He reveals how the American people have protrayed themselfs as heros and discovers and avoiding topics like slavery, polics brutatlity, and more. The book that is teaching adn shaping young
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Stiuliuc explores the way in which the American dream has transformed into false aspirations and myth like dreams. The author 's purpose is to create the realization that the American dream is far surpassed what the true America can still offer or provide. She describes the styles of the old American dream as to be taken metaphorically to enable the people who use it, to use it as a “cultural expression of North American identity”(Stiuliuc 1). In saying this, Stiuliuc simply means that one should still strive for the dream in order to keep the original cultural perspective of status or satisfaction; even if today, it may seem impossible to achieve. She is aware of the hardships that comes with becoming an immigrant but believes, unlike the other sources, that the American dream should remain in order to work as a motivational force of American civilization. Stiuliuc does not believe an immigrant should choose against America, but rather try their best towards it, it may be worth it in the end. She believes, unlike the other sources, that the American dream should remain in order to work as a motivational force of American

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