Compare And Contrast The Revolution And The American Revolution

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Zinn and Greene – Compare and Contrast
The American Revolution has been hailed as a turning point in the history of Americans. Some educators use the American Revolution as an example of American willpower, and how America won’t stand for being abused or oppressed in any way. Others might have a different idea of what the revolution represents to them. The majority of the literature students read on the American Revolution tell a story of how America gained its independence through their pure convictions and craving for freedom, but the fact of the matter is that this is only one interpretation of the revolution. Winners write the history, which means a plethora of perspectives and interpretations of the past events lack proper representation.
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The Americans fought for freedom from the English government because the majority of Americans felt the English were using America in unjust ways. After years of battling the English both on and off the battlefield, America was finally crowned the victor. A common interpretation of the end of the revolution is that from 1775 – 1783, America fought to free themselves from the shackles that England put on American’s through political and social restraints. Once America was finally free, its people created a brand new society that was built on the idea of equality. Greene and Zinn argue that the years following America’s new found freedom consisted of the same type of oppression of Americans just fought so hard to remove. Howard Zinn says “…when you look at the American Revolution, you have to look at it in terms of class” (Howard Zinn). Zinn makes the point that when you look at the success of the revolution; you first need to divide America into classes. Each person had a designated place in society, and that was determined by your standing in the social hierarchy. This was one of the many social problems America wanted to change after getting its independence, but even after the revolution the rich were still the powerful. Greene saw the revolution as “ elaborate working out of the logic of some of the tendencies long …show more content…
Greene argues that all the change what was a result of both the events leading up to and following the American Revolution would have happened one way or another. “The most radical result of the revolution was the steady and substantial reconception of political and social relations that occurred over the following half-century” (Jack Greene, 102). Greene goes as far as to say the single most radical part of the revolution was when it was over. The first sign of real change occurred over the course of 50 years after America won. America was on a progressive track to success, and all the advances they made to their government, society and land was bound to happen. America might have wanted to be free of the British government, but their main goal was to become a place of equality. If America were under British rule, they still would have achieved their goal, just in a different way. Zinn feels that the revolution could have been avoided all together if we didn’t use violence as our first resort. “We are smart in so many ways. Surely, we should be able to understand that in between war and passivity, there are a thousand possibilities.” (Howard Zinn) The blood shed between the Americans and the British could have easily been avoided, but one of the first solutions people use to solve disagreements is violence. Zinn and Greene

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