Are Products A Symbol Of People 's Living? Society? Essay

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Are products a symbol of people’s living? Society always pushes people to exercise customs that not all people are interested in, but consumers follow other people custom to belong to certain groups. Furthermore, In the articles such as “No Logo.” and “The Buyologist Is In: The Rise of Neuromarketing.” emphasize the ideas that people’s main reason to buy products could be because of the sentiment a product triggers about their identity and what a brand symbolizes in their lives. Although these statements are true, the consumers should consider the comments this article “Love For One 's Country Or Oneself: A Brand-Choice Framework In Emerging Markets.” which points out that people use brands products because they trust and recognize the brand names. They believe these brands offer them high-quality products compared to other companies in the market. Although consumers have, argue that people buy products by their identity, and brand favoritism a deliberate examination advocate that people buy because of the reputation of the product.
First of all, the consumer finds a fantastic product which brings an inner satisfaction that makes them feel a connection and motivates them to buy that product. When consumers identify with the product, it activates a necessity to own it. The majority of the people buy not because of necessity, but what the name represent in their lives, they think that if they buy a particular brand, it portraits who they are. "Corporations may manufacture…

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