Are Police Officers Learning Enough? Essay

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Are Police Officers Learning Enough?
From the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown, to the heavily militarized police response, to the protests in the wake of Brown’s death, to the failure of the grand jury to indict Officer Darren Wilson for his role in the shooting, the events in not only Ferguson, Missouri, but everywhere in our nation, have turned up the heat on a long simmering debate over the stubborn discrimination in our criminal justice system. All of the traumatic events leave the question why? What is going on in our criminal justice system, why do we have so many officers acting out? We need officers that are going to protect us; we need them to know how to handle a situation without force, and to educate themselves about our rights. We need educated officers.
Research studies show that police officers who have earned a college degree exhibit better overall job performance and have greater advancement opportunities than their colleagues who do not have a college degree (Bond, M., 2017). Jason Rydberg and Dr. William Terrill from Michigan State University conducted research proving officers who do have somewhat of a degree are significantly less likely to use aggressive force as their first option to gain compliance. The study also discovered evidence that those officers who have an education are better at problem-solving than those who do not have some form of a degree (Rydber, J. 2010). When it comes to research it has been proved that those who…

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