Archbold Animal Hospital Case Study

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Walking into the quaint, small animal hospital, clients will find a smiling face at the front desk, ready to greet them and their pet companion with a warm hello. The receptionist will ask how she can assist the client’s needs for their pet. If searching for a place to take their beloved pets when sick or in need of a yearly check-up, a person can find warm hospitality at this small local clinic located in the northwest part of Ohio. Archbold Animal Hospital offers an experienced and professional veterinarian, a caring and conscientious staff who provide compassionate care along with additional services for a person’s pet companion.
On the wall are pictures surrounding the waiting area that help to occupy the clients while waiting to see the
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The veterinarian also does surgeries, such as spays and neuters, dental cleanings, removal of tumors and anything that falls into the category of general surgery. Another service that the animal hospital provides is boarding pets whose owners go away on a vacation, or have family over for a period of time and do not want to worry about caring for their dog. A large fenced-in play area is found behind the clinic to ensure that the dogs boarding can go outside multiple times a day to get fresh air and get adequate …show more content…
The doctor is well respected, and treats the animals with kindness and compassion, and is known for giving a truthful and honest opinion, doing her best to help the animal be comfortable and feeling well. She has assertive hands that calm the pets down whether they are sick or just there for a checkup. The exams for checkup are thorough, but do not take needless time away from the client. The doctor will personally go out into the waiting room when ready for an appointment, and call the pet by its name. This makes a personal statement to the client and their pet. After weighing the animal and writing the information in the animal’s personal chart, the patient and owner are summoned to one of the exam rooms. There is a chair furnished for the owner to sit on as the exam is administered which makes it a comfortable experience. The exam rooms are a sizable area lit up brightly with informative posters on the walls which the owner can read while their pet is being examined. Smaller animals, such as cats, rabbits, and lightweight dogs, are examined on a waist level high table, and larger dogs are examined on the floor. Sometimes the owner helps hold the dog and comforts it, because the dog may be scared of the different environment and feels safer if the owner is there soothing

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