AARF: Animal Adoption And Rescue Foundation

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AARF is an Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation. They were founded in 1993, all around the world (“About/AARF.NP.”). A group of non profit volunteers decided to start this organization. Dozens of volunteers across the world have came together to try and get all types of animals off the street and healthy again (“Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation of Richmond, Virginia”). There are many organizations across the world such as, one in Richmond Virginia, and all around North Carolina. AARF rescues and helps all animals get adopted and off the street.
This organization strives to provide care and homes for needy animals and also sick, abused animals (“Adolescent and Animal Resource fund, AARF Rehab”).They want the Volunteers to be able to develop
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All of your money that you donate goes directly to a needy animal. Each time you donate you, yourself are being a volunteer as well because you are giving your money to help save the life of an animal. Even if you did not want to donate you could also adopt an animal the more animals off the street the better the world becomes. When you adopt you give the animal the option of reclaiming a better life than they once had before (“Adolescent and Animal Resource fund, AARF Rehab”). You never know this dog might also make you happier than you have ever been in becoming your very own best friend. If you would rather not donate money, or adopt you can also become a volunteer. Becoming a volunteer means you are able to work hands on with each and every animal making sure you make them happy and healthy (“About/AARF.NP.) It might even become a life changing experience for yourself as well.
Volunteers work day and night to meet the needs of their animals for AARF (“About/AARF.NP.”). So many animals lives have been saved by this organization because AARF helped them find a loving and caring home, pictures of saved animals at (“About/AARF.NP.”). This organization has been in business since 1993 and still strives to do their very best today. AARF truly does set out what they what to do and love to do and that is to help as many animals as they possibly

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