Essay on Arab Women and Leadership

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Student: Siham Wallace

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My mother is a strong woman who run her office and her household as a tight ship. She reminds me of an iron lady with a velvet glove. She was well educated and worked as a CEO of a bank. She is very charismatic but once she gets home, her charisma fades away. I never understood the change in her demeanor as a child but now that I am a grown woman, I realize that Arab women are ruled by their religion, culture and government. I have a great respect for the rules generated by the government and the religion, but I do believe that women can be as great leaders as men and do not need to spend their lives in the shadow of their husbands and fathers. I have a particular interest in teaching women from the third world countries how to be strong leaders and how to shake the feeling of helplessness that overwhelms them when they go through a divorce or lose their husband. Five years from now, I see myself teaching in a university in Morocco and helping the younger women develop their own leadership style and strive to open businesses. I strongly believe that education and leadership are two of the main important criteria that will allow me to share who I am and what I have to offer to others, as I strive to be a good leader and help others become better leaders themselves. Achieving a PhD degree from North central University will be a major step toward my goals in life. I have taken the tour of North Central University and I

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