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Approaches to Environmental Management by Workplaces

According to Wikipedia Encyclopedia, Environmental Management is not only, the management of the environment per se, but rather the management of interaction by the modern human societies and their impact upon the environment. Environmental management is therefore not the conservation of the environment solely for the environment's sake, but rather the conservation of the environment for humankind's sake (Owen, 1995).

According to Thornton & TideMann (1998), There is a broad range of Environmental Management approaches on the market right now. Depending on the definition the total number ranges between several dozens. Most of the Environmental Management systems have been
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Staged approaches offer several advantages for the implementation of EMAS/ISO 14001 namely: a clear guidance on how to achieve EMAS/ISO 14001, flexibility concerning the speed in implementing the necessary steps to EMAS/ISO 14001, promotion of EMAS/ISO 14001, and - ideally - a competitive climate between the participants regarding achievement of the ultimate goal, i.e. EMAS/ISO 14001.
One major advantage of EM approaches is their ability to adapt to local/regional circumstances As a consequence, there is not one recipe for a successful EM approach. Rather all EM approaches rely on an individual bundle of features which guarantee their success.

Proactive Approach
A growing number of firms believe that proactive environmental management makes good business sense. Many firms claim that it is easier to manage environmental costs if they have time to do research and development (R&D) and make investments relevant to pollution prevention. (Penman & Stock, 1994)...…………… “low-hanging fruit,” which it identifies as toxic, high-volume, or high-cost waste streams that it can eliminate or reduce with little investment.

Bailey & Soyka, (1996 suggest that a firm should focus its environmental management concerns

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