Application Of Concept Analysis : Clinical Practice Essay example

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Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice
Debra New
Grand Canyon University: NUR-502 Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Roles and Practice
December 14, 2016

Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practices Introduction
A concept analysis helps familiarize nurses with a concept, and is intended to test the concept for broader use in practice. Concept analysis is the first step in communicating content, comprehension, and feelings of a concept between those within related fields. The concept can be concreate or abstract, and is typically articulated in as little as one word, or an expression that bestows common expectations, or recommendations. A concept analysis is completed when a concept requires clarification or definition for the purpose of student nurses, such as inquiry, theory perfecting, or practice (McEwen and Wills, 2007, p. 47-54). Concepts that are pertinent to nursing are grieving after a mastectomy, emotional anguish, and alarm fatigue. “Alarm Fatigue: A Concept Analysis” which is a concept analysis article that has been peer-reviewed and chosen to examine the technique of concept analysis, procedures for evaluating process, outcomes of technique steps, and concept application to the nursing practice (Patricia West, Patricia Abbott, & Piper Probst, 2014).
Method of Concept Analysis A nursing concept analysis method was created by Walker and Avant (2011) that used an eight-step approach. In order to execute a concept analysis, the nurse…

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