Advanced Practice Nurse Case Study

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Please find this letter and attached resume as my application for the Associate/Advanced Practice Nurse (MNP213340) position as advertised on the Queensland Health Smart Job Website. I fulfil the key responsibilities and demonstrate the attributes to be successful as a key player in the leadership team. I am confident in working alongside the Nurse Unit Manager to improve facility goals, providing resident focused care while implementing and evaluating compliance and contributing towards continuous quality improvements to the delivery of care.
I practice all my duties in accordance with the code of ethics, professional guidelines, National Standards and legislation that governs nursing. I understand
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I have experience and exposure to mental health nursing and have gained the skills and knowledge required to foster a recovery model approach to our residents. I understand the legislation and responsibility I hold to adhere to the mental health act and identity areas to improve resident outcomes. I am continually updating my knowledge completing online mental health courses and with the support of the Mental health team and staff, I am confident in providing optimal care to residents with mental health diagnosis and complex care needs while supporting the nursing team to acquire and build their skills to manage the changes in our …show more content…
I have been invited to present educational sessions on clinical incidents, clinical handover and trend by the nurse educator for Community Indigenous Subacute Servicers (CISS) due to my passion for ongoing learning and qualifications. I have supported the CNT to ensure mandatory training is compliant and provided support in conducting sessions during training. I was acting CNT for a short period and this enabled me to gain an insight into the importance of the position and the need to support the facility with ongoing personal and professional development. I have a clear understanding of evidence based practice and avenues to better one’s knowledge and skill to meet optimal outcomes by using all available resources and utilising my skills. I endeavour to lead the team to meet above standard levels of care and ensure we maintain resident focused by encouraging further education, mentoring and preceptorship in nursing skills and knowledge using my advanced qualifications with my acute and sub-acute

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