Essay on Application For A Residency For Internal Medicine

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I have always looked forward to commencing residency in internal medicine. the day I would begin a residency program in Internal Medicine. I was motivated to pursue this path by my early childhood experiences which have been strengthened by my ( medical school education at--and a Masters’ degree in Public Health at---that is in progress.) academic experience including a Masters’ degree in Public Health that is in progress. Prior to my admission to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria, I was motivated to pursue this path. My early childhood experiences and academic background including a Public Health degree in progress have all These experiences have contributed in shaping and maintaining my to shape and maintain my quest for a career in Internal Medicine. I am confident that I am ready to embark on this journey.
I grew up in the south-eastern part of Nigeria where both the nuclear and extended family are close-knit. As a child I often visited my uncle Dr. Emmanuel Nwigwe (AKA Dada Emman as we younger ones called him) clinic (office). Dada Emman is a family physician and treated some family members as patients. The gentle but professional way Dada Emman my uncle, Emman, a family physician took care of ill family members and other his patients resonated early in my life and I wanted to be a doctor like him. I often visited his small When I visited his practice and my young mind would ponder over his clinical decisions as I watched him that transform caused sick people…

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