Application For A Master Of Business Administration ( Mba ) Program

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People often realize that their fundamental, specialized or perhaps technical qualifications do

not prepare them to manage complex situations and persons. The skills embedded in them

may be very different from those required to be a good manager or team leader. Enrolling in a

Master of Business Administration (MBA) program provides as a way of complementing

existing specialist skills with a range of general management skills. It is way of enhancing

their qualifications and skills so that they can take on these new roles competently and


I have been working for last five years and I strongly believe now it is the right phase in my

career to earn an MBA, the degree that would provide me with global vision of how

businesses work. It would equip me with analytical tools necessary for academic training in

the key management functions, as well as a working knowledge of these functions. Getting

this postgraduate business degree is an investment that can be one of the best catalysts for my

professional development. It can push me one step closer toward C-level positions within any

company which is my long-term goal and help me gain my short-term ambition that is to take

on responsibilities as a business analyst.

Business has always been in my blood, since our family has been running species business

from my grandfather’s time. I have always been hearing about business, raw material,

logistics, and production from my…

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