Application And Application Of An Id Provider Essay

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The same process is followed by client to authenticate the server and if client finds that server is authentic then server and client will start the communication.
The main disadvantage of this approach is although an ID provider is used, it just provides an identity to client and server each along with TS. All the other computations such as creating a hash result to authenticate itself and authenticate the other device may be user or server are done by client and server itself. So there are in total 4 hash function and two XOR functions a client and server must perform each time the a communication is to be initiated.
This is especially difficult when client has to access multiple servers in cloud and one server have to authenticate multiple clients. For example, if client has to access 4 servers then it has compute 16 hash functions and 8 XOR which is an overhead on the client.
Proposed Approach
In this model, we have three roles
1. User/ Client
2. Servers
3. Intermediate Authenticating Agency
Assuming that Authenticating agency is trust worthy, although it will have certificates in real-time. Authenticating agency is responsible for verifying the authenticity of users and servers
The scheme is divided into three steps 1. Request phase, 2. Response Phase and 3. Authentication

1. Request Phase
In this phase users sends a request to authenticating agency with a random number, the ID request.
Server also sends the request to authenticating agency with a random number and…

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