What Is Apple Watch?

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Apple: Although Apple started late in the smartwatch market by starting its sales from April 2015, it quickly overtook Samsung as the leading seller of wearables with a shipment of 4.2 mn smart watches in Q22, 2015. Apple is positioning its smartwatch as the most personal device and with regards to their primary function, Apple Watch keeps time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard. They come with an extensive list of customizable Watch faces showing time.
Apple Watch claims to make communication convenient by adding a physical dimension to alerts and notifications. A gentle tap will be felt with each incoming message. Apple Watch connects with other people in customizable ways like sending a tap,
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These watches will rely on a Bluetooth paired iPhone to synchronize data. The starting price is $349 in the US and in India, it is made available by the e-commerce player Grabmore in the range of Rs 36,999 and Rs 1,768,700. Most of Apple’s apps are available on the Watch, and it has a quick-reply panel for messages and suggests text for a reply. Apple Watch also has Apple Pay, which allows users to pay using the watch like a contactless credit card. There is a new communication app called digital touch that gives room for users to share taps, drawings and their heartbeat rate with other Apple Watch users. The Apple Watch can play music from the inbuilt storage or can manipulate music playing on iPhone or iPad. Sony:
The Android compatible Sony Smartwatch is available in Indian market from a price of Rs.7990. It uses Android Wear, the wearable Android OS and has many features that its competitors don’t offer like the GPS facility. Only a limited number of apps are compatible with this, but this watch offers a 4GB storage for music. This makes it the only smart watch which is so independent of the phone at the cost of low battery life compared to its competitors. The design is vague but the performance is fast and it is water-proof at five feet for half an hour. It has a transflective display which helps in clear display
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The main selling point of pebble smartwatch is its battery life that is one week with standard usage. This is the highest offered in the market. They are compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones. There is a large app library, and its unique timeline interface reduces app clutter in the screen. It has voice reply facility but the voice function does not extend to Google Now or Siri. There is no touchscreen and control is only through four physical buttons. iOS functionality is limited, and there is only one app for activity tracking as a sports watch. Except for the battery, there are no visible differentiators compared to its competitor’s products. Moto360:
Moto360 watch is available in India from a price of Rs.12999. It was severely criticized when it was initially launched because of its poor battery life and a substandard screen. But it tweaked its platform to bring Android Wear on board along with quality apps, good notifications, and more customizations. It turns off its display for most of the time to conserve battery life but automatically turns on if you look at the screen but most of the time, a gentle tap is needed to check the time.
There are some health features built into the Moto 360.
Voice recognition is good, but in a moderately noisy environment, it won’t work properly. And while replying to messages with voice there is no facility for content

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