Essay about Apple : The First Generation Apple

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Apple released the Apple Watch in June of this year. The Watch is currently in its infancy, and it appears doubtful that it will be as revolutionary as the first iPhone was. The first-generation Apple Watch has just been released, while comparatively, the iPhone is on its 10th iteration.

The Apple brand is something of a superpower. Apple Inc. uses their brand to compete in several competitive markets. The brand continues to evolve and expand its range of products and services. Apple originally started in 1976 with basic desktop computers and then laptops 20 years later. It took another 5 years for Apple to really expand into a first major new product area with the iPod, later followed by the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010, and recently the focus has moved to Apple pay and Apple Watch. Ever since Apple’s launch Apple has always tried to stick to the original motive of bringing easy to use computers to consumers and small business in a way that as focused on the needs, individuality, and style of ordinary people.

Before the Apple Watch came out there was other wearable tech like the ‘Fit bit’ and the ‘Pebble’. Wearable tech has been a growing concept that is gaining popularity over time. The purpose of this commentary is to examine “To what extent is the Apple Watch successful in extending Apple 's product lifecycle?” I plan to comment on this question by taking a look at Apple’s brand reputation, and how this impacts on Apple’s marketing. I will also examine…

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