Apple Iphone 5s And Samsung Galaxy S4 Essay

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Apple iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5
After only a decade, Smartphone Technology improved almost every aspect of our daily lives; checking the weather, news, using social media, messaging, and even maps, almost everything on a single device. Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co.--two big smartphone industries that have been competing to win consumer’s trust and patronage since 2011. Both of them are making remarkable products aiming to give users convenience, connection, and better communication throughout the world. Aside from the brand, let’s spot the difference between two certain products of those companies, the Apple iPhone 5s, and the Samsung Galaxy S5.
“Forward thinking”- the slogan for the iPhone 5S, but is it really heading forward? Let’s find out.
The Apple iPhone 5s is a product of design and technology combined. It is meticulously crafted with aluminum enclosure so thin and light, overall weight is just 112 grams. Just imagine how the electrical components fit inside!
The device itself has a stunning 4-inch retina display that makes everything that appears on the screen look detailed and high definition. The updated A7 processor with 64-bit architecture made the device more capable of multitasking. Believe it or not, it is closely to perform like a desktop computer. The company also introduced the new M7 motion coprocessor for the new “Touch ID” feature, which enables the user to unlock the device just by using his/her fingerprint, and the sensor itself is…

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