Apple Case Study Essay

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Running Head: Apple Case Study

Case Study: Apple
Davenport University

July 5, 2011
When looking for great employees Apple strays away from the norm. Instead of looking for great salespeople who have a great track record of using sophisticated technology Apple has decided to do it differently. They look for people who love their product and enjoy using it. Apple is looking for people who, “isolate true enthusiasm and believe in the Apple products” (Jason Colquitt, 2011). Black cards are the new invention at this company. Apple has a new strategy to have their people hand out black cards t employees at other organizations. These cards have the apple emblem and have something written on each side. On the front of the
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Apple should have a different type of training method for employees hired through their black card strategy. “Virtually all modern organizations accept that a well-trained workforce is a critical success factor.” (James Danziger) Apple needs to run their black card employees through a similar training program as the rest, but a bit more advanced. They need to get a better understanding of their new company, but also something more challenging to make them even better at customer service and relations. Apple already knows what they are capable of and needs to mold them into the best. There are some really good pros to having these black card employees. In training and on the job there would be a knowledge transfer between the black card employees and the regular new employees. Also, Apple does not have to really worry about transfer of training. This would just simply mean they will have an easier transition between training and the workplace.
Job satisfaction is a pleasurable emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job or job experience (Jason Colquitt, 2011). Now, do the black card employee’s job satisfactions differ from the traditional recruits? In some ways they do, for one, they must already have some type of job satisfaction to be sticking with and trying to better them from company to company. The black card employees obviously already enjoy what they do, but one must not underestimate the traditionally

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