Apple And Apple Vs. Microsoft Essay

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Which is better, Apple or Microsoft? This is a topic of a lot of debate today. I have chosen to focus on computers manufactured by both companies. Apple manufactures MAC computers while a number of different companies manufacture PC’s that run Microsoft’s
Windows operating system. The MAC operating system is generally cleaner, faster and more stable than Windows. The reason for this is that many manufacturers of PC’s bundle a lot of other software into their PC’s that are created by third party companies. With all these extra programs and drivers created by third parties running a PC generally has slower performance and is less stable. On the same note this means that there is more software available for a PC when compared to a MAC. There are however a growing number of software options for MAC computers and one day there may be as many as there are available for PC. Mac users can also use a program called Boot Camp to run Windows based programs on their MAC but this is not perfect and users will likely run into issues with a lot of programs designed for PC. The same issue applies to drivers for a PC. Many of the drivers are created by third party companies and some may cause issues. On the other hand the majority of drivers for a MAC are developed by
Apple so they tend to be more reliable.
This situation also hurts MAC computers in the amount of games available. Many games come out first on PC and some never even make it to MAC’s. This is because Microsoft has close ties to…

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