Essay on Apega’s Code of Ethics

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In the engineering profession, as with any other profession, a code of ethics applies. In Alberta, all engineers have to be APEGA certified, i.e., they must follow a procedure set by APEGA to gain membership to practice engineering and then must follow a code of ethics and conduct to continue in the field as a professional engineer. In this paper, I will talk about a project for testing Ultrasonic Flow Meters at Enbridge Pipelines Inc. that an acquaintance of mine, Mike, along with his team, undertook in the Flow Computer Services department and how the APEGA Code of Ethics applies to the work that was performed.
At one of Enbridge’s sites, one of the manifolds sees brines solutions sometimes. The occasional brine solution
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Also, UFM technology is being used at locations outside of North America for custody transfer in the pipeline industry; however, they had not been tested here, in Canada. To test these claims and if the idea behind UFM is feasible, this project was undertaken.
Code of Ethics and how they apply
1. Professional engineers and geoscientists shall, in their areas of practice, hold paramount the health, safety and welfare of the public and have regard for the environment.4
Health, safety and welfare of the personnel, society and the environment are few of the key values extremely fundamental to Enbridge and any work that is undertaken. In this situation, the UFMs will be placed in series with the turbine meter that is currently in service at this meter run. To ensure that these meters function safely, extensive testing of all equipment is required. API – American Petroleum Institute publishes and manages a very comprehensive standard for operation of all industries within the Oil and Gas sector which is revised regularly to ensure it is up to date. This standard is the widely accepted industrial standard but choosing to follow it is completely voluntary (i.e. not mandated by any government). Enbridge follows these

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