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Sample Paper 1
Publication Style of the
American Psychological Association:
A Demonstration Paper
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Name of InstitutionSample Paper 2
Do not indent the first line of the abstract! This is a summary of the paper which must not exceed
120 words. All numbers may be typed as digits.Sample Paper 3
Publication Style of the
American Psychological Association:
A Demonstration Paper
The text of the paper begins on a new page. This is the introduction, in which the background is laid for the study. It can be quite lengthy if a complex theory must be explicated in order to make sense of the study. The argument developed in this section must be of excellent quality since
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All lines must be double-spaced. Indent the first line of all paragraphs except for the abstract, block quotes, titles and headings, subheadings, table titles, notes, and figure captions.
Use a 12-point font. A serif font (such as Times New Roman) is preferred for text, but lettering on figures should be in a sans serif font (such as Arial). Mono-spaced fonts are also acceptable.
The numbers zero through nine are spelled out (except when it is a table or figure number, or a metric measurement, etc.). The numbers 10 and above are written as numerals.
Single-space after commas, colons, semicolons, sentence terminators (i.e., periods, question marks, and exclamation marks), and periods separating parts of a reference citation and initials in people’s names. Exception: Do not space after internal periods in abbreviations (e.g.,
a.m., i.e., U.S.) or around colons in ratios.
If you include a table to summarize the results of your study, refer to it in the body of your text (see Table 1). When formatting a table, type the table number and then (on the next double-spaced line) type the table title flush left and italicized. Note that there are no periods used after the table number or title.Sample Paper 5
When using columns with decimal numbers in a table, make the decimal points line up.
Note that APA-style tables do not contain any vertical lines.

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