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Pagination and Page Header: See APA p. 288. Use the “header and footer feature” in Microsoft Word. See Appendix A for directions.

APA Writing Style


APA requires a Running Head for publication. See APA, p. 296, section 5.15.

The title is in upper and lowercase letters, centered between the left and right margins and positioned in the upper half of the page (See APA, p. 296) An example is available on p. 306 (please note the example has different requirements, this is only to be used for illustration of where to begin the title)

APA Writing Style and Mechanics Student Name University of Phoenix
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GEN/300: Skills for Professional Development Faculty
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That article reported results of a 1928 meeting of scholars "to discuss the form of journal manuscripts and to write instructions for their preparation" (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2001, p. xix). Today the manual is in its fifth edition, and the APA format described in it is a widely recognized standard for scientific writing (i.e., scholarly or professional writing) in the social sciences. Although the stylebook is designed to prepare manuscripts for publication, many school and health care journals have adopted its use as a guide to achieve uniformity and consistency (Cuddy, 2002). Writing in the style prescribed by the Publication Manual can be a daunting experience for students; however, as with all new skills, “practice makes perfect” (P. Proofreader, personal communication, June 28, 2004).
Personal communication is explained on p. 214 (APA) and is not included on the reference page.
Quotations: All short quotes require a page number or paragraph symbol if no page number is available. See APA p. 292.

TIP: Conclude your introduction by including a sentence that provides a brief preview of the main points to be addressed in the paper.

In this paper, a review of APA information and writing tips most often used by the University of Phoenix undergraduate and graduate students are presented. However, this document is no substitute for the Publication Manual itself. While APA formatting software is available from a number of vendors, students are

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