Ants And Scientific Experiment : Termites And Experiments Essays

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Termites and Scientific Experiment

Termites are insects that live mostly in wooden area and dead trees. They get fed by wood and cellulose. They leave their colonies in the search of food following pheromones, to mark a trail The termite food hunting process is similar to following an ink line because the termites are attracted to the ink. This scientific experiment will demonstrate termite’s behavior and also how they communicate to each other. The purpose of this experiment is to test to what line and color the termites are attracted to, and if the color of the line has an importance.

Termites are small, soft bodied, usually pale-colored insects. These are social insects with a caste system. They live in colonies in the ground or in wood. Their food consists primarily of wood or other vegetable material. They have a component called pheromones, which is utile to the termites. The ink of the pens is similar to pheromones, which attracts the termites. Termites are a good species for this experiment. The scientific method allows someone to prove or disprove a theory and hypothesis. It is a detailed description of the main steps that scientists commonly take when conducting a scientist inquiry. It is important because scientists can test hypothesis, solutions through controlled experiment. It is used for many things as finding a cure for a disease, finding an explanation and outcome for things. It is composed of several steps such as observation as first step, so that you…

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