Annual Report Essay

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Annual Report
2005 - 2006


Chairman's Message

Advances in telecommunication & information technology (ICT) have done more than anything else to drive the last decade's economic boom and the integration of markets around the planet. Since telecommunications play an important role in the development of ICT as well as socio-economic condition of a country, development of telecommunication is essential.

Bangladesh T & T Board (BTTB), the only public sector telephone service provider, is doing the best with its limited resources to provide most advanced telecommunication services to its valuable
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To connect the whole country with this Submarine Cable, different activities are taken. Besides BTTB, ISPs & different organizations are enjoying the service of submarine cable.

BTTB is implementing "10 (ten) lacs T & T Mobile phone (1st phase 2.5 Lacs)" project. A Public Ltd. Company namely "TELETALK Bangladesh Ltd" is providing Mobile Phone service to people. Programm has been taken to expand the service of the company.

BTTB is committed to expand the Telecommunication network of the country by introducing latest technology and also to contribute a sizable amount of revenue to Govt. exchequer. BTTB has taken a very big project to install 5 lac telephones in Dhaka & other major cities. Besides this, two major projects; one for development of interconnection scenario & another for development of internet & data communication scenario are also under process. BTTB expects to maintain its leadership role in telecom sector in the present multi-operator competitive environment.

I hope that, this Annual Report will be helpful for better understanding of the activities of the BTTB. Due to some unavoidable circumstances the Annual Report could not be published earlier, although we put our best efforts to minimize delay. However, there might be some shortcomings in the report. I would

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