Annual Report Released By Conservation Legacy Essay

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Congressional Resolutions
In 2010, S.Res.425, titled celebrating Volunteers in Service to America on its 45th anniversary and recognizing its contribution to the fight against poverty, was presented before the 111th congress to demonstrate the effectiveness of the program through the eyes of legislators. In the resolution, it was stated that as of February 2010, 175,000 VISTAs have served in communities to implement poverty prevention programs (Figure 6). Additionally, VISTAs have been behind the successful implementation of programs such as Credit Unions, Upward Bound, Neighborhood Watch and Head Start. Furthermore, AmeriCorps helped to implement the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which was used to bail out businesses and organizations after the great recession (Sen. Rockefeller, 2010).
Achievements: Quantitative Analysis of the Programs Success
Based on the 2014 Annual Report Released by Conservation Legacy
In 2014, between the OSMRE and DOI VISTA teams raised 1.29 million dollars in grants and engaged 12,500 youth. In addition, the VISTA teams recruited 40,500 hours of volunteer service, which equates to $334,125 in free labor. The conversion was done by multiplying the number of hours by the current minimum wage $8.25. However, this figure does not reflect costs associated with supplies, food, and transportation. (Conservation Legacy, 2014)
The Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement Team…

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