Anne Frank 8 Essay

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Anne Frank

I. Introduction A. Imagine being in hiding for 2 years and then being caught and taking to a camp and forced to work all because of where you are from. B. Have you ever been judged or looked at different because of the way you do things. C. The main purpose of my speech is to inform you about the life of Anne Frank and how her life became a legacy. D. I will begin with some history of the early life of Anne Frank. E. The life before and during her hiding F. How the family was betrayed and how she became a legacy. II. Body A. The early Life of Anne Frank
1.Born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt Germany where she lived most of her. Her Parents Otto and Edith Frank and one sister Margot. They
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It consist of 2 small rooms, adjoining bathroom and toilet, were on the first level and above that a larger open room, with a small room beside it, from that smaller room was a ladder that led to the attic. The door the Achterhuis was covered by a bookcase to ensure that it remained hidden. Anne and her family lived there with 8 other people. 6. Frank described that her relationship with all of the members of her family where so different. She was the closet with her father, as that Margot was more attached to their mother. She had a very difficult relationship with her mother; they had a lot of misunderstandings. Both Anne and Margot hoped that they would be able to return to school as soon as they where able to, but both still continued to study while in hiding.

C. The Arrest and Legacy 1. August 4,1944, after 2 years in hiding someone had betrayed them and the Achterhuis was bombarded by the German Security Police by someone that still has yet to be identified. 2. First taking to Gestapo headquarters where they where interrogated and held over night. August 5th they where transferred to the Huis van Bewaring (house of detention) 2 days later transported to the Westerbork transit camp, at the time more than 100,000 Jews, Dutch and German had passed. 3. After a 3 day travel in a boxcar the men where separated from the women and children and Otto was taking from his family, some sent directly to gas chambers. Anne just barely made the cut off

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