Annabel's Value System In 'Just Listen' By Sarah Dessen

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Someone said “Sometimes being the better person doesn’t always make you the happy person”. People always say that being a better person will make you happy and that it’s going to make you feel good, the reality is that being nice doesn’t always make you happy, even if you’re making others feel joyful you don’t always get the favor in return. In “Just Listen” by Sarah Dessen, Owen influences Annabel. Owen challenged Annabel’s value system and overall pushed her to be a better person.

Owen challenged Annabel’s value system. For example, Annabel explains to Owen why she lies and states this “I just don't like to hurt people. Or upset them. So sometimes, you know, I won't say exactly what I think, to spare them that” (Dessen 110). Annabel has a weak value system, she doesn’t want to upset people of hurt their feelings, so Annabel often won’t say the whole truth to spare them. In other words, Annabel’s foundations aren’t based on honesty in fear of rejection of others. Additionally, Annabel states about lying to her mom “What I did get was that it was paramount that we protect my mom from anything that might upset her, even if I wasn't sure what those things were. So I learned another system: when in doubt, keep it out-out of earshot, out of the house-even if this meant, really, just keeping it in” (Dessen 32). Annabel keeps things in no matter how bad they are, because she doesn’t want to hurt her mom or upset her, that shows how low her morals and base in honesty are. Therefore,
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Owen indubitably influenced Annabel in Sarah Dessen’s “Just Listen”. Being a good person, helping others, and being kind is a very good thing, but it doesn’t make you a happy person, you don’t always get the happiness in return. It’s always good to know that good people with true strength so what they know is right even when they don't want

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