Animators Have The Best Inspirational Essay

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Animators have the best inspirational believe for many people to see life in another perspective. Animation is created for everyone to view the different experiences life experiences based on genres. Similarly, it depends on how the animators show their personal perceptions and experiences in their storylines. Meanwhile, the audience can see the animators’ point of view or have another perspective towards the animators’ goal. A successful animator is able to create a captivating storyline and let children believe in a magical world through the animator’s perspective. Specifically, many animators have successfully created a movie to catch audiences’ attention. Many animators have designed and outlined in order to properly express their ideal thoughts for the animation. Their dedication towards each of their own work has brought many joys to kids. For instance, Hayao Miyazaka works hard drawing everything out by hand, and he carefully plans out his storyline into an animation. His fairy-tales storylines have an imaginative viewpoint and each of his movies has an enchanted ending. In “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” about a little girl named Kiki and her pet cat named Jiji, who leaves home to go somewhere else training to become a witch. Nevertheless, Kiki has no place to stay upon her arrival, but she later finds a job in a bakery as a delivery girl. However, towards the middle of the animation, Kiki becomes depressed because her friend’s friends make fun of her, and she…

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