Animals Being Used For Entertainment Essay

1380 Words Nov 30th, 2015 6 Pages
Humans and animals have lived together since the beginning of humanity. Everywhere humans are found in America and the world, there is a high guarantee that some species of animal is found close by. Whether it be cats and dogs, deer, bears or even mountain lions, it is very unlikely to step outside and not see some type of domesticated or wild animal. With many animals living in close proximity to humans, they have become threatened in more ways than one. Humankind has exploited animals in various ways, including but not limited to: entertainment, food, clothing and scientific testing. The ways in which this animals are misused is cruel and destructive. Animals should have more legal rights protecting them from harm because the way they are treated in America and around the world is inhumane. When people think of animals being used for entertainment, they usually only think of zoos and circuses. However, animals in entertainment is so much more than just looking at animals in cages and in the circus ring. Animals in entertainment accounts for any act that uses animals- for performance, acting, killing, or fighting- for the purpose of human enjoyment (Dragotta). This includes bullfighting, hunting, and any movies that feature animals, as well as circuses and zoos. For a very long time animals have been taken from their natural homes and placed in artificial habitats for entertainment. In these new habitats, many animals are expected to learn new actions that may exceed…

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