Animal Testing Should Not Benefit Humans Essay

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Charles Darwin a 19th-century English naturalist once said, “The only difference between humans and other animals was a difference of degree, not kind” (Levine). These words brought Americas and Great Britain’s attention to the use of animals in testing and the inherent cruelty of it. The French Philosopher, Rene Descartes, believed that “animals were incapable of feeling pain” (Levine), but Darwin’s idea brought about that animal testing is inhumane, does not benefit humans, is inconsistent, inaccurate, and costly.
No one is sure of the exact numbers of how many animals are used solely for scientific testing but the estimate is around 14 million to 100 million a year (Levine). Those numbers do not include other testing such as cosmetics, product safety, medical research, and education research. Each year thousands of animals including monkeys, dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, and even chicken are slaughtered for the sole purpose of research. For example rabbits, most commonly albino rabbits, are used for eye irritant products. The test is called validity of the draize test and it is to test products used for eyes such as contact solution or eye drops (Dickinson). During this test the rabbits are put into restraint boxes where only their heads are out so that the animal cannot shake or move when the product is put into theirs eyes. It must endure pain and suffering for seven consecutive days in which during that time they can encounter swelling, laceration, and even death from…

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