Animal Testing Research

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Charles Darwin a 19th-century English naturalist once said, “The only difference between humans and other animals was a difference of degree, not kind” (Levine). These words brought Americas and Great Britain’s attention to the use of animals in testing and the inherent cruelty of it. The French Philosopher, Rene Descartes, believed that “animals were incapable of feeling pain” (Levine), but Darwin’s idea brought about that animal testing is inhumane, does not benefit humans, is inconsistent, inaccurate, and costly.
No one is sure of the exact numbers of how many animals are used solely for scientific testing but the estimate is around 14 million to 100 million a year (Levine). Those numbers do not include other testing such as cosmetics,
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There are many factors that can make an animal’s test inaccurate things such as stress, age, diet, gender, isolation, and crowding (Levine). The environments in which the animals are in can cause them to be stressed. The constant picking, prodding, and poking can create stress and alter the animal’s levels during a test. Not only does stress effect testing but so does age. Scientist are unsure of animal’s exact age which makes it hard to be sure of how well their organs work. Even when performing the same test on the same species the results can vary. Test result can also vary based on an animal’s diet. Data has shown that there is a difference in an animal that was tested and got to eat compared to an animal that was tested and did not get to eat (Levine). The results showed that while eating an animal is more likely to have higher numbers or altered acid levels depending on the food they consumed. Though the two most important factors that can effect test resuls is isolation and crowding. Though they are opposites they have similar effects on the animals. Isolation is routine in most testing and makes it hard on animals that need to be in a social pack with their own species. Mice being one of them need to be in a pack for it helps them keep up with their hygiene and personal cleaning which can help prevent skin infections. Similar to what happens with crowding. It alters an animal’s environment …show more content…
Testing can take up to months maybe even years to conclude and each test done during that time can cost thousands to millions of dollars to conduct. The cheapest test that can be done cost $1,800. It is the draize rabbit eye test, the testing for that only last up to a day/week. Which means by the end of the week it could add up to $12,600. Which is still considered a small amount for testing. The most expensive test is $700,000, a Rat 24-month cancer Bioassay. (Huff) This is a two year test which begins a couple months after a rodent is born and they are exposed to chemicals that can be used for testing to find carcinogens (More). The U.S. alone spends over 100 million dollars a year on experimenting and they do not fund the money themselves but get the money from tax payers. The government takes up to 16 billion dollars in tax money to fund universities such as Ohio state, Wisconsin-Madison, and Harvard University. Ohio state waste 1.9 million on heart attack experiments on dogs while Wisconsin spends 3 million. Though the largest spender is Harvard, spending a grand total of 16 million on drug addiction experiments on monkeys (More). That 16 billion dollars could spent many other ways by the government than by funding it to university’s or researches that are going to torture and kill innocent

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