Animal Testing Is Cruel, Immoral, And Completely Wrong Essays

1454 Words Nov 30th, 2014 6 Pages
Imagine being dragged from your bed, strapped into a chair, eyes and mouth forced open, chemicals injected into your body, irritating solutions flushed into your eyes, and chemical substances applied to your skin. It sounds like something straight from a fictional horror film, but even more terrifying is discovering that this excessive torture does indeed exist. I believe that animal testing is cruel, immoral, and completely wrong. Cosmetic and drug testing usually kills the animals, and this is not right. Some research on animals provides information used for solving biological and medical problems, but most research is used for testing commercial products and cosmetics for toxicity. Usually animals are tested with toxic chemicals that supply scientists with information on the correct dosage of chemicals and ingredients in certain products. All animals respond differently to various kinds of drugs and chemicals applied on them for testing. Because they react in so many different ways, it is difficult to conclude any useful results from the data obtained. The cruelty to animals is methodical and widespread. Animals are bred and sold to laboratories to live out their lives and die in cages. There are many alternative methods to test chemicals rather than using animals. Advanced technology now enables researchers to use computer generated animals for testing. Scientists claim that animal testing for biological reasons can be productive for medical research. However, it is…

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