Animal Testing Is Cruel And Inhumane Essay

1455 Words Nov 17th, 2016 6 Pages
Animals are able to feel both physical and emotional trauma However, animals are still tortured and tested on daily but gets overlooked as if it were something humane to do or a regular job. Animal testing is completely inhumane and still occurs on a daily basis but found disgusting and should be stopped. The basic fact that the information which is received from these tests could be inaccurate proves how animal testing is not as effective as some believe. Another reason would be that there are many more alternative methods that would erase the need for animal testing. My final claim, is the plain fact that animal testing is cruel and inhumane since you are completely degrading animals of their own rights. For example, it is illegal to kill a pet or animal in general unless, you have license to hunt specific species that could be used as food or for sports, but these companies torture poor innocent creatures by millions daily. These events still occur today, however, unlike in the past there are many more protests and activist acts going against this atrocity. The harmful use of animals in experiments are not only cruel but also ineffective in most cases. Animals don’t get many human diseases, such as major types of heart disease, HIV, Parkinson’s disease, or schizophrenia. It is known that some animals do get similar diseases to HIV such as apes with SIV and cats with FIV, however, they are not the same disease leaving there a lot of room to be given inaccurate…

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