Should Animal Testing Be Allowed Essay

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Imagine walking down a long row of cages. In every cage there is a terrified animal. The animals range from birds, rodents, and fish to dogs and cats. Although each animal is different, they all have one thing in common: they are lab subjects. Every animal is petrified while cowering in the corner of their cage. The animals also writhe in pain because of the drugs that are coursing through their bloodstream. The animals have never experienced what it is like to be loved and cared for. They only know pain and fear. This is only a small portion of the horror these animals go through every day. Animal testing is inhumane and immoral and often leaves permanent or semi-permanent damage. Because of the lack of laws protecting lab animals, they are …show more content…
Alternatives do exist, such as computer models and simulations and in vitro. Testing possibly hazardous chemicals with unknown affects is cruel, and it is not worth the suffering the animals go through. Animal testing is a corrupt practice that should be forbidden. The act of testing chemicals on animals is completely unethical. The simple fact that lab animals go through constant daily physical and emotional trauma should be enough for most people to instantly protest animal testing and its actions. Many people, however, still believe that animal testing is the superior method. Young animals that are required for testing are often taken from their mothers at a young age. The mothers that are separated from their young are often stressed and do not understand what is happening. The young animals are stressed because they are leaving their mothers at such a young age. They are further harassed when they are used in an experiment, and the offspring that are not usable are simply disposed of (NEAVS). The animals are constantly trapped in their cages except to be used for another useless experiment. When they are being used for another experiment they are often put through tests that include physical pain. They may be

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