Animal Testing : Finding Alternative Approaches Essay

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Animal Testing; Finding Alternative Approaches Animal testing began during the Roman Era Dissection and Vivisection, which is the dissection of live animals. The idea of animal testing was gone by the Middle Ages, but returned by the Renaissance. William Harvey had relied almost completely on the knowledge that came from animal testing during the seventeenth-century. Marc R. Fellenz, the author of “Animal Experimentation,” states “In the early twenty-first century, virtually all medical therapies- drugs, vaccines, surgical techniques, prosthetics- are developed with the aid of animal subject, and animal models play a significant role in psychological research.” Animals have been used for different kinds of laboratories, especially cosmetic testing, and sadly the United States still use them today. When animals are being tested on that usually does not receive any pain relievers during or after the test. The animals used in laboratories are usually killed after the experiment is over and the needed information has been found. There is something wrong with the way researchers use animals today and back then. We should not be testing on animals for lipstick, shampoo, and cologne. There are many other alternative ways to find out whether a product is safe for human use or not. For example, we could use the results from other tests with the same ingredients and use those in our products today. In 2007 Kim Masters Evans, the author of “Research Animals.” Animal…

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