Animal Testing : Animal And Human Life By Giving Company And Happiness When No One Else Is Willing

1058 Words Nov 6th, 2016 5 Pages
Inji Ha
Professor Hickman
ENG 101
4 November 2016
Research Paper: Animal Experimentation Animal affect human life by giving company and happiness when no one else is willing. The human race would not know what to do if animals did not exist. Animals, like humans, have legal rights within the United States including the right to be free from exploitation, abuse, neglect and research. Animal testing is not a new form of research; the exploration of the human and animal body began centuries ago. In the 200’s A.D., animals and humans were the very first organisms used to fulfill anatomical curiosity, way before anesthetics were created. The research and testing that is involved on animals has become cruel and degrading to a point where alternatives need to be found. Not only is the research affecting the animals and the public but also the people who receive the task of doing horrid experimentations on animals also suffer. Animal testing is cruel, unusual and is not beneficial to human; alternatives need to be found in order for the lives of animals to be saved. Animals big and small deserve the right to live without being harmed by humans. The Animal Bill of Rights, created by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), believes that animals deserve the same basic legal rights as humans within the United States. The organization is working to show Congress an increase of support for legislation that protects and recognizes the rights of animals. The ALDF has created a petition…

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