Animal Rights Essay

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Lisa Tellor-Kelley
ENG 170
29 September 2015

Animal Rights “What is man without the beast? If the beast was gone, man would die from great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beast soon happens to the man” (Chief Seattle) Many things have been done to protect animals, but there are more significant things to be done to make sure they do not become extinct and give them their rights. Animals are just like humans in many ways. They have nerves so when they are being tested on they can feel the pain that is being inflicted on them. Many people consider their pet as their child, so what child would want that kind of pain inflicted on them? Finally, in different parts of the world, people still hunt animals. It is no longer
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“Using animals to teach surgeons is a dangerous technique because it misleads the students leading to dangerous doctors” says PRISM. Over 16 million people pay for hunting licenses in the United States each year, but many more also hunt illegally. How will the animal population ever keep up if all these people are hunting? The most common pigeon in the United States is the mourning pigeon and about 50 million are being killed each year. At this rate, there will no longer be a common pigeon. People kill them for no reason but pure sport and that is the sad part. They are being killed in excessive amounts without a cause. If they were killed for food, it may be different but they are not. This also goes for any wildlife. There are many hunters that have no restraint at killing an innocent animal. The government is still losing money even though hunters are paying for it because they stock up many animals as the pheasant. Seasons are set up so hunters can know when to hunt a certain animal, but it is not like they follow the laws. A recorded survey had 85% of hunters admit they violated the game law. A hunter that hunts illegally do not care that they take up 4 times as much as the ones that hunt legally.
Pollution increase and habitat decrease are also key factors in animal endangerment. Along with other factors are the causes of how rapidly animals are being killed off causing a mass extinction. More dominant species

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