Essay about Animal Rights Should Be Banned

1036 Words Nov 29th, 2015 null Page
There have been animal rights issues in the past that have reflected the idea do animals have rights? Animals have been subjected to human studies, breed for food consumption, and been subjected to perform in human sporting events for our entertainment. I myself am an animal lover and believe that all animals have rights as living creatures. I do see the need to pursue research to better the future, but not all research has to involve testing on animals. The truth is that animals are used for tests that determine the safety of drugs and cosmetics on human beings. There are a lot of factors involved in this subject which is why it is such a controversial topic being discussed today. I feel that inhumane treating of animals for sport and mass reproduction for food should be minimized and policed better. My main argument for animal rights would include treating animals more humanely, eating meat that came from an animal that was slaughtered humanely, and not using animals as sport unless the animal is the source of nourishment and not a trophy. I do believe that there is a natural food order such as a bug will eat plants, spiders will eat other bugs, and lions will catch and eat gazelles. It is a natural process in life, every living creature will have to eat, and this is a fact. I believe that animals have a right to humane treatment, and by this I mean not tortured or treated with cruelty. A lot of species of animals have been domesticated over time, and the human…

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