Is Animal Rights Wrong

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Animal Rights- Is it wrong for human to eat animals?
Animal rights has been a debatable topic for a long time, and is it wrong for us, human, to eat animals is one of the controversial question. Many people, and philosoplers argue that animals should have their right, some of those ideas lead to the result of vegetarianism. Some of them point out that animals should have the same morality consideration since they are equal. Therefore, the right or wrong of eating their meat is worth discussing. In my opinion, I do not agree that it is morally wrong for human to eat animals. In this paper, I am going to study this question in different angle,including utilitarianism,denotology and the feasiability of not eating animals.

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The point of Singer is based on two premise. The first one is the main theory of utilitarianism, and the second one is the equality of consideration. Therefore, if one of the premise is false, his argument cannot be proved. I do not agree with his second premise because human and animals are totally different beings, they should not be considerd equally. Singer uses the example of sexism and racism as his reasons to support animals liberation, but they are totally different cases. Because women and black people are human, which is the same well-beings with male and white people, yet animals are different with that. According to Immanuel Kant,”animals are not self-conscious and are there merely as a means to an end. That end is man.Our duties towards animals are merely indirect duties towards humanity.”In other words, Kant suggests that animals should not enjoy the same right of human. Besides,according to Carl Coen, a professor of Philosophy at the Residential College, also points out that human have no duty to treat animals as human since they are not able to make moral decision and this is the requirment of being the member of moral society.And the similar idea can be found in Chinese Philosophy. According to Mencius,human is different with beasts since human have the possibility of become moral. It is found that many philosophers think that animals are different with human because they have no morality and self-conscious. Animals have no idea of having right and moral, so it is meaningless for them to have the right. Given a case that if animals have the same right of human, then we rre going to choose to sacrifice a human to save 10 fishes as the result of utilitarism. Obviously,this is not right. Some people may agrued that babies cannot make moral decision but it is wrong for us to torment them, therefore animals should also have the same right. But babies have the posibility of being moral

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