Essay on Animal House Is The Best Movie

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“That fucking prick! Kids these days have no patience at all.” Cooper yelled beside me. “Hey mother fucker don’t fucking blow out my eardrums because you are angry at some punk. Now continue.” He looked at me partially confused, but then started up talking again and saying “But that’s why I think that Animal House is the best movie.” I paused for a second and replied back with “That’s all a matter of opinion Coop, not a fucking fact. A fact would be that Sahara in Arabic means desert. So when we say the Sahara Desert we are really saying Desert Desert. Or that Leonard Nimoy died this past February on the 27th.” He went for the cigarette lighter in the Chevelle and it was gone. “Well before you or anything else pisses me off, have you seen any good movies recently?” I had to give it a little bit of thought, but I said “Yeah, I suppose so, the best in my opinion would be the new Mad Max movie.” Cooper was rummaging through my glove department and was throwing shit around and I started yelling “Hey dumbass, I had all that shit organized in…” He cut me off and said “Found it you fucker.” He pushed the cigarette lighter in and said “Don’t worry about it Sky, I’ll put it back.” I replied back quickly with “You fucking better otherwise I’m knocking out those front teeth you little shit.” He put everything back and lit his cigarette. “There ya fucking happy Sky. Ok what’s the address again?” I pulled out a paper and handed it to him. “The Building is called The Greenwich Hotel and…

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