Summary Of Animal Farm By George Orwell

At the start of the story Old Major gathers all the animals and tells them about his dream. He tells them that Humans are bad and cause them to have short and laborious lives. He teaches them the song Beasts of England and soon all the animals are singing along. Three days later old major dies in his sleep. Sooner than expected the rebellion happened. The animals had gone over 24 days without being fed and were extremely hungry so decided to help themselves. Mr. Jones heard them and came with his men to chase them out of the food the animals fought back and before you knew it they had chased the humans off the farm. The animals burn all resemblance of the humans and change the name of the farm from Manor Farm to Animal Farm. the pigs then reveal that they have taught themselves to read and write …show more content…
Napoleon ends up selling wood to Frederick who pays him with fake banknotes. Frederick and his men then march onto the farm and blow up the windmill. The animals fight back and are able to drive the men off with much casualties on both sides.later the pigs find whisky and get drunk. Squealer is found with a paintbrush and ladder and Muriel notices that the commandment about drinking alcohol was different than she remembered. Boxer split his hoof in the battle and is still working very hard. In April Animal Farm is declared a Republic and elect Napoleon. In the middle of the summer Moses, Mr. Jones raven appears and tells stories about Sugarcandy Mountain. Boxer is now not very healthy and one day he falls down and cant get up. Squealer tells the animals that Napoleon made arrangements for Boxer to be taken to the hospital, but when the truck comes Benjamin sees it says “Horse Slaughter” the animals try to have Boxer escape but he is too weak. A few days later squealer announces that Boxer died in the hospital and that the reason the truck said “Horse Slaughter” was because the hospital had just bought it from them and not yet painted

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