Essay on Animal Farm By George Orwell

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When one brings up a “classic” novel, no word better fits that theme than Animal Farm, by George Orwell. A must read, Animal Farm is a tale of rebellion, heroism, and betrayal. There are many aspects of the book that make it so enjoyable. One of the greatest reads of its time, Animal Farm entices readers with its characters,setting, plot, and the its use of poetic devices.

The characters of Animal Farm are part of what makes the story as intriguing as it is. Watching each character go through their ever-changing lives. Each separate character had their own strengths and weaknesses that balanced out the strengths and weaknesses of others. For example, the pigs were all known for their cunning. The grandfather figure on the farm before the rebellion was Old Major. He made everyone aware of the poor quality of their lives. He makes sure that the farm knows before he dies that “Man is the only creature that consumes without producing”. Napoleon and Snowball were two wise boars, who often had clashing views on issues. The differences between them, however, was the fact that Napoleon was willing to turn to violence to solve his problems. Napoleon had greed, wanting everything for himself. This was the factor that in the end, contradicted what Old Major had proclaimed. Pigs had become the creatures that consumed and consumed, making the other animals do the work for them as they ate and slept in comfort. Squealer was a pig with a profound way with words. He could influence the…

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