Animal Farm And Divergent

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The two set texts that we’ve studied during the term, Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, and Divergent, Directed by Neil Norman Burger, both show through different ways, a society that wishes and strives to be equal. This essay will focus on to what extent an equal society can be created when comparing the above quote to both Animal Farm and Divergent. During my writing, I will look at the fact that both societies displayed in both texts tend to have a leader from the very start, and also look at how each displayed society has been affected by disagreement and the violence caused by that disagreement.
The fact that a society won’t know what to do unless a leader appears to tell them will quickly eliminate an equal society from being possible.
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A leader will always arise in a society. During the film Divergent, Directed by Neil Norman Burger, this point is effectively shown through the character, Jeanine. She, whenever on screen, creates a feeling of power and intelligence about herself throughout the movie, which effectively shows her as a strong and smart leader. During the Meeting Jeanine and Tris have at the Erudite headquarters, Jeanine is displayed as a character of higher ranking to Tris. This is shown by the colouring of her wardrobe: The dark and contrasting blue against the bright and seemingly pure white of her clothing continually, throughout the scene set her apart from the surrounding characters, especially Tris. This, paired with the condescending tone she talks to Tris with throughout the scene (“You would help me with that, wouldn’t you?”), gives her the pressing feeling that she is the leader and clearly in charge of Tris. The constant appearance of a leader is also shown when we look at Eric, one of the leaders of the Dauntless faction. From the start of the film, he acts as the worse example of what the leader can turn into, much like how Napoleon had turned throughout the story of Animal Farm. He abuses the power that he has achieved by making new rules that were never in place before, like the lowest ranking Dauntless initiates are to be cut, while claiming quite simply that “It’s a new rule.” A clearer …show more content…
In glowing sentences he painted a picture of Animal Farm as it might be when sordid labour was lifted from the animals’ backs”. The narration describes in a fairly detailed fashion, how the animals who were once for the most part, equally parted, had split from Napoleon’s side and begun the lean towards Snowball’s idea of the windmill. This shows the split of the seemingly ‘equal’ society, through a disagreement on what should be

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