Animal Experimentation And The Medical World Essay

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Approximately 50-100 million animals worldwide are subjected to pain, suffering, and distress by means of experimentation. 1 Animal testing, often referred to as animal experimentation or animal research, is a common scientific procedure used in hopes of discovering and understanding biological and psychological processes within humans and animals with the use of non-human subjects. 2 These procedures began in the seventeenth century, but became more common during the nineteenth century as scientists started to perform vivisections - i.e. experiments on living animals. Since then, animal experimentation has grown throughout the twentieth century, becoming a common method for testing the safety of consumer products, studying common human diseases and developing effective treatments. 2 Due to the prevalence of animal testing in the medical world, laws have been developed to help prevent the misuse of and to regulate experiments. One of these laws is that animal experimentation may only take place if the desired results are not achievable through an alternative method. This law was developed based on the concepts by Russell and Burch in 1959 called the ‘Three Rs.’ These concepts include: refinement, which is the improvement of the conditions animals are subjected to in order to reduce suffering, such as comfortable housing conditions; reduction, which refers to the use of fewer animals in each experiment, with the condition that the quality of biomedical research is not…

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