Animal Experimentation And Research Experiments Essay

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Animal Experimentation and Research Common sense seems to dictate that the aim of medicine, vaccines, and surgeries are to improve our health, reduce and manage our pain and illnesses, and hopefully to live a longer life. With man wanting to learn more about the structure of the human body, he began experimenting on animals since using humans was considered unethical. According to the Professors of Pharmacology Badyal and Desai, animals are used in experimentation primarily for education, research, toxicology testing, and pharmacological use (257). The controversial debate about animals being used in medical research experiments and education dates back to the 1600’s (Badyal and Desai 257). During that time, people started advocating for animal rights claiming that animals were being treated unethically and that animals have feelings just as much as man does. This advocating for animal rights brought about the animal protection movement. Badyal writes in his article “Another worldwide initiative was started in 1975 by Societies for Protection and Care of Animals (SPCA) who opposed all forms of research animals” (257). Animal experimentation is one of the most debated topics in the world today. In this paper I will examine three groups of people and their perspectives on this issue. First, there are people who are in favor of animal experimentation for medical testing and education. Second, there are people who find using any animals…

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