Animal Cruelty Should Be Taken Right Away Essay

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Visualize being trapped in a barren cage all day, trapped from the outside world with no freedom at all, no sense of where you are, and suffering from pain caused by different reasons including drugs, and poisoning. Imagine a child running around outside, laughing with joy, enjoying life the way it should be. Only to be captured and held captive for experimental reasons. Imagine having no voice, no say in what you get to do. Unfortunately animals don 't have to imagine this, millions of animals have to live through this dreadful nightmare every day. Over 100 million animals are killed in a laboratory when used to test different items. This cause of animal suffering is inhumane and action against this cruelty should be taken right away. U.S. laboratories often use animals to test a variety of different things, too dangerous to be tested on humans. Before testing begins, animals often have to inhale toxics, be put in restraint devices averting them any movement, and even be physically harmed by burning of the skin, crushing of the spinal cords, and drilling of holes in the skull. These animals weaken due to the pain they must endure. Two of the most deadly tests include the Draize test and the LD50 test. During the LD5o test, it is tested how much dosage of a substance can cause an animal to die. Scientists pump the substance into an animal 's body until they die which can take a day or a week and cause tremendous amounts of pain. These tests are slowly diminishing but…

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