Essay about Animal Captivity By Morgan Spurlock

1358 Words Nov 18th, 2016 6 Pages
Any levelheaded person would love to have a soft baby tiger napping on their lap. Although petting a tiger would be a dream come true for many people, are there any physical or mental implications the baby tiger might endure? Is it morally justified for one’s wishes to be granted at the sake of an animal 's welfare? Should animals be used for one’s amusement or should they merely be left to their own device? Animal captivity brings forth its own set of problems even when the desire to conserve is present. Zoos and wildlife sanctuaries are the most common forms of animal captivity. In the episode Morgan See, Morgan Do, from the television show Inside Man, Morgan Spurlock investigates the morality and functionality of differing zoos and sanctuaries. Spurlock focuses heavily on the function of zoos, ranging from their role of human entertainment to conservation. The species survival plan, a breeding program that helps populate AZA accredited zoos with captive animals, is one of the most well-known conservation acts that zoos accomplish. After consulting with the Chief Life Science officer at the Detroit Zoo about the species survival plan, Spurlock inquires, “This means they’re breeding generations of animals that aren’t really wild. How does this affect their quality of life?” He displays a biased attitude toward it by only mentioning what it fails to do and in turn challenges the functionality of the species survival plan. Also, Spurlock questions the zoo’s full honesty…

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