Animal Abuse Should Be Treated With More Dignity Essay

1336 Words Jan 12th, 2015 6 Pages
Imagine being thrown in a cage or beaten up for no exact reason at all or even being force to do something. Humans are physically, emotionally, and mentally torturing animals. Humans burn, cut up and even poison animals. Animal abuse is one of the many important issues out there in the world. Animals should be able to have the rights to receive proper love and care. People in our society need to watch out for animals and to take more responsibility for animal welfare. Also, society should create and organize more animal shelters to help animals be safe. Because animal abuse is so wrong, the government should prevent it from happening and animals should be treated with more dignity. First of all, people are not aware that animal abuse is a severely inhumane act in our society. The government can help stop animal abuse through the assurance of animals’ rights and no negligence. There are videos out there that humans slowly crush the animals to death just for entertainment. This is so wrong because the animals did nothing wrong to receive this type of punishment. Some people may think that animals do not have rights because they don’t have a voice. Also, they only exist to fulfill human needs like for food consumption. As for others, animals are creatures that can be care for by people with respect as a pet. People keep their pets under control through the use of cruel discipline. They hurt animals to release their frustration, or the animals did something bad like pooping on…

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