Anglo Powhatan War Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Clash with the Chesapeake - When they first arrived, they encoutered the chieftain Powhatan who asserted supremacy of the James river, he considered the settleres as future allies so didn't do much but tensions were still high. Once Lord De La Warr arrived he placed "irish tactics" against the indians basically rainding villages, burning houses, doing bad stuff to them. The marriage of Pocahontas to John rolfe ended this first anglo-powhatan war.
But eventually the Indians fought back killing 347 people + John Rolfe, and through that a second anglo-powhatan war happened in which they were defeated, and the peace treties basically screwed the indians from their ancestral lands. Lost due to disease, lack of unity, and because the natives were of no actual profit to the coloninists they could be disposed of.
32. The Indian's new world - Indians ended up stealing or purchasing horses, diseases killed off a lot of them, as well as settlers. Due to trade of firearms and things, Indian vs. Indian competition happened, where they turned on each other.
33. Virgina (Tobacco) - John Rolfe basically revived V.A by bringing in Tobacco. The european demand for it was unreal, and instead of worrying about
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59. Effects of Glorious Revolution - Mass. did not gain as much as it thought, sinceit was a royal colony that made a lot of blows to the proud puritans, and worse of all the privilege of boting was extended to all qualified male proeperty holders. After witnessing the events of the rev. back home, the colonists basically got all excited and ignited strikes against royal authority, which caused for a period of "salutary neglect" relaxed grib on colonial trade.
60. The Netherlands - The netherlands ignited a revolt against the Catholic spain, and won thanks to the support of the English. Eventually after it emerged as a commercian and naval power it challenged england (those dicks). They became a leading colonial power in East indies, their companies.
Even employed henry hundson to sail New york and deleware.
61. New Netherlands - They planted newnetherlands in the hudson river area in 1623-4, and they also bought manhattan island from the Indians.
New amsterdam was a company town, run by the dutch company. No enthusiasm for religious toleration, free speech. Leaders were harsh, but

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